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The Conveyancing Process For Selling Property: Contract Preparation & Exchange

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Why Use A Conveyancing Solicitor When Selling Property?

There are a number of reasons why you should use a conveyancing Solicitor when selling property. Firstly, a conveyancing Solicitor has a detailed knowledge of the legal process involved in selling property, which will help to ensure the transaction runs smoothly. Secondly, they can carry out searches on the property which will reveal any potential problems which could cause delays or issues further down the line. Finally, they will be able to provide you with advice and guidance throughout the process and ensure you are informed of your rights and obligations.

We Offer Fixed Price Conveyancing

If you want a simple, budget-friendly solution to selling property, have you considered our fixed-price conveyancing service?


The service includes everything necessary to prepare and check the contract documentation, as well as carry out any other searches and due diligence that’s needed.


The difference between our fixed-price service and standard legal billing is that you know in advance what the cost is going to be.


If you’re on a budget or like to know exactly what your outgoings will be, fixed-price conveyancing could be a good option.

Step 1: Preparation of Contract for Sale

When selling property you will firstly need a contract of sale prepared. This contract will allow your chosen real estate agent to market and sell your property. It should be comprised of a list of items that are included or excluded from the sale, as well as the timeframe for settlement and other legal terms and conditions.

Step 2: Deposit & Exchange Contracts

Once you have accepted an offer from a potential buyer, the real estate agent will send us a sales advice with their details, including their purchase price and special conditions. We then send the purchaser’s representative a draft contract for their client’s approval and signature.


The exchange of contracts occurs when you and the buyer have both signed the contract. The buyer also pays a deposit at this time, which is usually given to the real estate agent. After the contracts have been exchanged, we will contact the buyer’s mortgage lender (if applicable) to let them know the property has been sold and they can begin the process of releasing mortgage funds.

Step 3: Property Settlement

Settlement is the final stage of a conveyancing transaction. It is where property ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer. The settlement date is agreed upon in the contract and is usually five-to-six weeks after contracts have been exchanged.


We will let you know the amount the buyer will need to pay after adjusting for things like council rates, water rates and usage. There also may be other adjustments that need to be made depending on the contract.


Settlements are now conducted online through PEXA. This is advantageous for you as it means that, on settlement, the sale proceeds will be transferred as cleared funds into your nominated account on the same day.

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