Wills & Estates in Maitland & The Hunter Valley

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Our Wills & Estates services help you plan for the future with confidence. From drafting wills to managing estates, we provide expert legal support to ensure your wishes are honoured and your loved ones are protected.

Our team offers comprehensive wills and estate planning services, ensuring your wishes are clearly defined and your legacy is protected.

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Our experts help you establish a power of attorney, ensuring your financial and legal decisions are managed according to your wishes.

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We assist in creating enduring guardianship arrangements, ensuring your personal and medical decisions are in trusted hands.

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We provide skilled representation in will and estate disputes, working towards fair and amicable resolutions to inheritance conflicts.

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We provide comprehensive probate and estate administration services, ensuring a smooth and respectful process during difficult times.

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NSW Trustee & Guardian

For more information regarding Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship have a look at the NSW Trustee and Guardian.

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David Allen, Principal & Maitland Solicitor at Hills Solicitors
Daniel Allen, Maitland Solicitor at Hills Solicitors
David Allen, Principal & Maitland Solicitor at Hills Solicitors

Passionate, experienced solicitors Meet the team at Hills

Hills Solicitors first opened its doors in September of 1894 under the name T A Hill. We continued strengthening our roots in the Maitland Community and later became T A Hill & Son, when our founders son joined the family practice. We then made the change to Hills Solicitors.

We have had a total of 3 offices since those early days in 1894, all of which are a 50m walk from our current office.

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When you approach Hills Solicitors for any legal advice, we treat you like family. Our valuable clients are members of an evergrowing family that we wouldn’t be here without.
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Getting started

At Hills Solicitors, we take pride in our over 125 years of experience and adaptability. Our clients can trust that we will continuously evolve and tailor our services to their changing needs. Our longevity is a testament to our ability to embrace new technologies and create cost-effective solutions for all legal issues. With our extensive knowledge and innovative mindset, we confidently assure our clients that we will always strive to exceed their expectations. Trust us to handle your legal matters with a forward-thinking approach and an unwavering commitment to your success.

Step one Get to know each other

When you come to Hills for advice you are never just another client to us, you become part of our large family and it is vital we get to know you.

Step two Understanding your rights

The first step is to help you understand your rights and how you can approach the issues at hand.

Step three Determining your goals

The most important step is understanding exactly what you would like to see at the end of your matter.

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The team at Hills are here to help with all of your legal needs, serving Maitland and the Hunter for over 125 years. With a forward-thinking approach, providing practical solutions, for an affordable price — We’re here to help you when you need us.

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