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Navigating Family Law: Your Guide to Top Legal Advice and Services in 2024

When facing the emotionally charged complexities of family law, immediate, clear, and actionable information is vital. Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of divorce proceedings, navigating child custody concerns, or resolving property disputes, knowing your rights and options can provide a measure of control during an uncertain time. In this guide,

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5 Crucial Questions to Ask as First Home Buyers

One of the Australian dreams is to buy your own home. Here at Hills Solicitors, we want to help make that dream a reality. Buying a first home can be tricky, with many questions to ask, and sometimes you don’t even know the right one. That is why we have

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fixed rate housing loans expire in 2023

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Home Loans in 2023

As the world was rocked by the pandemic, many Australians turned to fixed-rate housing loans to lock in low-interest rates. These loans became increasingly popular, peaking at nearly 40% of outstanding housing credit in early 2022, twice their share from before 2020. Lenders competed fiercely for borrowers, offering fixed rates

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Power of Attorney

What Is Probate In NSW And How Long Does It Take?

If you’re in the process of administering the estate of a loved one or dealing with estate administration yourself, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the probate process. In this article, we’ll dive into the question “What is Probate in NSW and How Long Does it Take?” and

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Simple Guide to Testamentary Trusts

What is a testamentary trust? A testamentary trust is a discretionary trust created by a clause in your Will. The clause will direct your estate assets into a trust rather than being directly distributed to beneficiaries. Apart from some minor differences, a testamentary trust is run just like a family

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real estate

Exchanging Contracts with a Real Estate Agent

We have recently noticed an increase in real estate agent exchanged contracts. A reduction in supply and unprecedented demand means purchasers are scared to miss out on their dream home and real estate agents know it. Real estate agents will advise you that the only way to get the house

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off the plan purchase

Understanding the Conveyancing Process

In our recent news article, we discussed the importance of finding the best Solicitor for your conveyancing needs. Whilst finding the right Solicitor is important, it is necessary to be familiar with the conveyancing process and the steps involved to ensure you are familiar with the terminology and actions your

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The Benefits of a Solicitor for First Home Buyers

The experience of buying your first home can be overwhelming when facing the legal requirements involved, such as researching a property with due diligence, making an offer, organising inspections and the conveyancing and settlement process. Often it is assumed that a conveyancer is sufficient to assist with these processes, however a

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